FRS PROTYPOS ELEGKTIKI S.A. is a continuation of the audit company FRS GLOBAL AUDITORS S.A. and functions according to decree 226/1992.

Our company with its new name functions since 02/01/2012.

FRS is one of the leading Greek Audit firms and cooperates with the International Audit and Consulting Group BKR International (300 offices around the world approximately), of which it is an independent member. Under this cooperation, the constant and direct access into the international expertise, as well as the exchange of information in any subject that is related to the profession are achieved.

FRS is a member of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants (S.O.E.L.).


FRS, which has an acute, but also international presence and action of its partners, has engraved a brilliant course, which can be attributed to its philosophy, its ideals and, mainly, to the staff from which it comprises. Our policy focuses on a set of ideals that our staff abides by and adopts regarding its professional practice. We have committed ourselves to offer to high quality services to our customers and this is due to the focus on our targets and the policy of FRS. Urging strongly our customers to follow the actions that contribute to gradual growth, we have the ability to distinguish.

FRS  functions by offering a range of audit, consulting and tax services to Greek and multinational companies as well. With constant rise of its audits and visionary plans of growth, regarding the upcoming years, FRS has strengthened its position in the Greek market since its establishment.

Even though the current economic circumstances hinder growth, FRS  shows continuous development. A vital factor of our growth is due to the multifaceted approach that FRS  adopts when it comes to the responsibilities it takes regarding its customers’ businesses.

In any case, our aim is to offer an important range of professional and high quality services.